Steps to go for Solar energy

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1 – Household power requirements 

How much power do your appliances use?
Count the number of appliances. (nr: Lights, fans, freezer etc.).
Multiply the consumption in watts/hour of each one by the number of hours of the average use per day

Eg: one light of 50w x 5 hour/ day = 250 w/day. Adding all appliances totals you will have day consumption in watts.

ZULULAND SOL POWER (Pty) Ltd. will provide load consumption sheets and appliance consumption lists, on demand. If you already have electricity, you can use the reading consumptions (not estimates) of two invoices separated by 6 months (Ex: January and July or February and August). We can determine the peak-power consumptions from them.

2- Evaluation - contact
ZULULAND SOL POWER (Pty) Ltd. will analyze all possibilities of consumption reduction by substitution of appliances for more energetic efficient ones (ex: LED lamps, class A+ refrigerators, etc.) Solar geysers can reduce your energy bill by more than 30%.

This is very important because it will influence the evaluation on sizing/cost of the System. We will –on demand-visit the location for the purpose, to check the different parameters, like roof area, geo-position in relation to the sun, shadows, access, etc. Each case is unique; we don’t do “out-of-the box” installations. Each system is Tailor-made and designed for a 25 year lifespan and should operate for at least that long to recover the high initial installation cost.

3- Different options:

Provides power as you have no Eskom connection. Independent (island) system can be extended, according to the needs, from flood -lights, gates, to all residence loads. This system includes a battery bank.

Provides you with your own produced power, feeds excess power back to the grid, making some significant money in the long run. Some municipalities are buying energy from private producers. Can be incorporated with a back-up system, (INTERACTIVE) for black-out emergencies.

Provides power when there is no utility power.

We recommend in every case possible a mix of solar Photovoltaic and wind generators, to obtain maximum renewable power input conditions. Solar tracker devices can also be an optimal solution, when there is ground space available Eg. Farms, large gardens…

4- Terms And Conditions
ZULULAND SOL POWER (Pty) Ltd. will start the installation after signature of a detailed contract including all terms and conditions, and will supply the client with a detailed dossier including technical studies, evaluations, graphics, imaging simulations, description and warranties for all the material and equipment installed. The installations will be done by competent technicians, supervised and certified by ZULULAND SOL POWER (PTY) Ltd. We do not use cheap or second rate components or equipment that is not proved and approved internationally, relying on trusted brands to produce a top work.